1966 Ford Mustang.

May 15, 2011



Anonymous said...

Wow! An honest 66' Mustang fastback still wearing some original patina. I am astounded this car has not disappeared in the dark of night. Where did you say it was parked?

mujahedin said...

what a damn great car this is!!!
unfortunatelly, this one is in a very bad condition..

Ben Piff said...

The great thing about Oregon patina is how much of it washes off. To me, a mustang doesn't get any better. Decades of stories and character, with all the original glory lurking undiminished. I wouldn't be surprised if that's original paint.

Anon, OPC is primarily focused on cars in Portland Oregon, but if you go back to the beginning you'll see some greats from our travels or submissions.

Tony Piff said...

a co-worker of mine bought a really old car in oregon and had it shipped to england where he lives. i think it was a hudson. he either left the back seat un-washed or perhaps the entire interior, saying "no other car in england has fifty-year-old dust from portland, oregon."

i think that's rather genius.