1987 Isuzu i-mark.

May 10, 2011



Tony Piff said...

holy jeez, that is not an attractive car. wow.

the multiple broken lenses, the mis-matched headlamp, the oxidized paint, the battered black plastic skirt running sixteen inches tall around the entire car.

...not to mention the wonky, unappealing proportions.

i really dig the styling of the earlier i-marks, but this is a trainwreck.

all three angles beautifully shot, and three is all i need.

wonder if there's another one of these still running in north america?

Eddie (from Switzerland) said...

also in europe...named "Isuzu Gemini"

Justin said...

@ tony: Saw one of these in a pic from San Francisco dated 2001....does that count? :P
Man, the bay area was FULL of old cars in the early 2000's.
This car wouldn't look half-bad if it wasn't beat to hell.

Ben Piff said...

I'll tell you one thing, if this were a re-branded by any American brand, I would not have bothered :)

But I knew somebody would appreciate knowing what became of the i-mark line.

I can't imagine why someone would choose this car over a Corolla, or anything else from that era.

Big Dave said...

It could be worse. They sold an i-Mark diesel at one point as well.

Siddarth said...

The diesel helps salvage the image a little...but then you look at the car from the outside and the image dies again

Ben Piff said...

Hi Siddarth, do you have some way of identifying this as a diesel? That would definitely be a saving grace.

Unknown said...

I had a friend in high school with one. It really had nothing to offer. Slow (really slow due to the slush box, why would ANYONE order one with one????) and it just looked and drove bland. Same color too. My Mom drove a loaner diesel i Mark, earlier model year... it was better looking and I think it was worth the slow acceleration because the mileage was incredible.