1949 Plymouth Special DeLuxe.

October 29, 2011



Tony Piff said...

holy wow do i love this car.

2-door wagon with a split windshield and a split tailgate/hatch in the best color of them all. and what a hood ornament! thank you for the closeup!

pretty sure i recognize this street... a strange nexus of wandering homeless people and old parked cars, if it's the place i think it is, but never seen this car there before.

... yeah, last week's thing was sitting across the street, and the volvo wagon was just a block away, same morning. the last post of 2010 was spotted around the corner.

Justin said...

Split windshield and rear window AND the most awesome shade of shit brown ever conceived. Sweet.

The Professor said...

I believe this is a Plymouth Suburban. And that is a really cool hood ornament.