1976 Datsun 620 King Cab Deluxe.

October 23, 2011



Anonymous said...

Cool. I wish Detroit would sell a similar sized compact pickup. Big pickups have their place, but most pickup buyers don't need such heft or crummy gas mileage. Less is sometimes more. Definitely for this urbanite.

Justin said...

Beats the shit out of these 6.0 V8 XXL OVERCOMPENSATER GT pickups they make nowadays, that's for sure.

John G said...

I wanted one of these when they were new, and more so, the stretch bed pickup. I thought the longer pickups were sleek looking and I liked the mini pickup idea. I have never owned one, so I can't speak to their reliability. But imo, they had all the others, including Toyota, beat hands down in styling. Over time, the small truck idea disappeared here in the U.S. and these trucks grew in size until some, like Ford's 4X4 Ranger, got poorer fuel economy than the F-Series trucks. I ended up buying a well used F100 in 1984, and have owned F-Series Fords ever since. Today, I'd love to own a Datsun stretch bed pickup of this vintage. I still think they're beautiful. Who knows?