1956 Nash Metropolitan.

October 28, 2011



The Professor said...

How are there no comments on this?!? This was the first true "compact" to come to American shores at a time when Detroit was churning out land barges by the millions. The company that originally produced it was Nash, which folded in 1954. The Metropolitan continued under its own brand name from then on. The car weighed less than a ton and had an 85-inch wheelbase--a shock to American motorists. Based on the Austin A40, it was no surprise that they rusted like mad, and they are a rare sight on American roads today.
I actually have seen but one (currently on my website), and I live in California!

clifton.ra said...

Willys, Crosley, and Henry J were also making post-war economy cars.
The Craftsman was a Henry J (Kaiser)sold through Sears.

I imagine So. CA has quite a few Metropolitan's. TX and OK do.