1987 Volkswagen Transporter Double Cab.

October 1, 2011



dead_elvis said...

I love these beyond all rationality - especially in the even more rare Syncro flavor. Awkward handling, impractically high cargo floor, practically non-existent towing capacity, no power (barring a Subaru swap), absurdly high asking price due to Canadian-only imports available... I still want one.

Anonymous said...

"non-existing towing capacity"?

How about 2200kg(>4000lbs)?

"no power"?

If you happen to have cheapest diesel engine (50hp DIN) in it, it's true, but that's the choice of buyer.

2,1l gasoline engine gives you about 112hp(DIN). It's not plenty but enough for some towing. If that's not enough you can install a variety of VAG gasoline/diesel engines, with or without turbo.

One popular choice is 2,3l 5 cylinder turbo engine from Audi, 230hp (DIN).

Handling is very good, enough for speeds over 100mph (easily achieved with the engine above), I can't imagine where this kind of statement comes from?

Have you ever ridden one?

Opinions are OK but misinformation is bad, it has to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Is it a wasserboxer?

dead_elvis said...

@ Anonymous - Yes, the Vanagon only had an aircooled engine in its first couple years ('80-82?), and a radiator for the rest of the run.

Anonymous said...

Saw this parked at Ikea today during the lunch hour. Famous VWs!

Anonymous said...

I lust like dead_elvis.
I disagree about the handling though. I love the way Vanagons move, particularly a late model Vanagon Carat. My brother and I beat many others in the curves with one of those. It was quite amazing really.

Tony Thayer said...

I was giving a tune-up to an 86 wasserboxer at the Nike campus and had a good time getting it up to speed around the top of the parking garage. The stock suspension is frightening when you're at the limit and there is a fair amount of front-end dive that wouldn't feel so sickening if you weren't sitting 6" from the front of the cab. It's hard to tell if the back end is going to start coming out before the front end. I'm pretty sure no forward-control vehicle was made to do hot laps, though, so I can hardly fault them for that.
I still lust after a Syncro weekender with a 1.9 TDI conversion.