1962 Morris Minor 1000 Panel Van.

August 15, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

Now that's nice! I showed this truck to
my neighbor who emmegrated from
England as a young lady, told me that
she would see many of these on the
roads there. She also told me about
a cabover pickup truck that Morris built
called a J-4. I googled it and found
several pics of it. Tony and Ben would
have quite a time finding one to post
on the blog as the J-4 is seldom seen
here in the 'states. I sure would like
to see a better pic of this truck! It
woupd make a nice portrait don't you

Wyowanderer said...

Beautiful. I'd like to have one with the original engine...

Tony Piff said...

a little shiny for an opc, but plenty quirky/delightful.

i think i've seen this rig parked in this spot before. always wondered what the graphics on the side said.

i am now more confused than ever.