Saturday Bonus: 1982 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel Fastback, Revisited.

August 23, 2014

Last seen at its home by Tony in July 2011.


SeattleO said...

Hey, the front end damage was repaired. Guess the owner finally found the parts?

IsuzuGeek said...

One of these is on my wish list.

captaingizmo54 said...

Did Isuzu build these cars for other manufacterers too? I saw one these on a buy-here
pay-here lot here in Winter Haven, Florida in the late '90's. It was a 4-door model with I think
Chevrolet badging. It was Butter Yellow with black sport stripes running down both sides. It
also had the 5-spoke factory sport rims. It had a 5-speed stick shift mated to a 4-cylinder
deisel engine. While the price was right, I didn't buy the car due to lack of spare parts. Look-
ing back, maybe I should've bought it.

Tony Piff said...

such a perfect gloomy east portland setting. when did you shoot this? glad to have it documented again.

let's go play some video poker at that tavern.

Grumpy Cat said...

Yay! It's been fixed! I nominate for best of.

Imperialist said...

These were good cars; the diesel was reliable and economical (Isuzu claimed 50 mpg when they entered the US market in 1981). I owned two 81 models from 83-90, one a deluxe ES 5-speed and the other a strippo 4-speed. Isuzu bought the Opel tooling from GM in 1976; they were imported and marketed as a Buick Opel prior to 81. Isuzu"s diesel was eventually offered in the Chevette and the Isuzu built Chevy Luv.