1969 Buick GS California 350.

August 12, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

Boy, do I envy that guy! Other than a
few small dings in the driver's door,
and a slightly wavy quarter panel, this
car is top notch! Wonder if it's got an
M-22 4-speed. Those 14X8 rally rims
look great along with those raised letter
tires too. My FIL had a '67 GS340 that
was set up in a similar way. His was
all original except for the rally rims on
it. It also had the prettiest sounding
set of pipes you ever heard! Glad I
just took a heart pill, this is about too
exciting for me!

SeattleO said...

Never knew about the California. Pretty sweet speciman; love those rally wheels. I've always liked the look of the big slash running down the side.

MarkusTubesNow said...

Absolutely amazing. Love the photo of the Protect-o-Plate.

Never knew this trim package existed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so it's a trim package consisting of what? An EGR valve, smog pump, cat, etc? I assume it's emissions related like the California BMW 2002's were, no?

great white tiburon said...

this is not a smog related "California special". the gs "Califorina" was more like a junior muscle car package. muscle car looks, stripper model price and simplicity and still having reasonable performance levels.
it still had 260-280 hp on tap depending on if it was the 340-4 or 350-4 which was a decent amount of power and it came with bench seats standard, auto trans and 3.23 to 1 "highway gears" the list of options was minimal to keep the price down.
so, long story short it's a budget muscle car that was specifically offered to residents of the golden state.

Anonymous said...

OK, that's pretty dang cool! Thanks for enlightening me.

Justin said...

Those Chevrolet SS wheels and lettered tires really set this car off.

Anonymous said...

The California GS were built off of the Special Coupe. This car is gorgeous! I've seen them with more chrome trim, this looks pretty stripped down. Most GS's and Skylark Customs for '69 had a option to run chrome down the body line, and 3 "gills" on the front fenders. The Skylark Customs had a chrome strip up the center of the hood option. All of that helps make the car pop.
Best part is, the Buicks are nicer on the inside and faster than the Chevelle's. I own a 69 350 and had a 70 GS 455 Stage 1. Cheaper to buy too...

Tony Piff said...

one of my fave generations of muscle car, especially with the post.

i think i like the skylark the best for some reason.

definitely never heard of the california.

Anonymous said...

There is an even rarer GS Colorado. I'll see if I can find a link to one. and post it. You should also check out the "Sundowner Coupe"

RoadmasterMike said...

Far as I know, the '69 Buick GS models were the only cars ever built with illuminated engine-displacement emblems. Can anyone think of another?

Anonymous said...

Roadmaster Mike,, I think you are correct, the '69's were the only cars with the illuminated engine displacement emblem in the rear marker light, although I believe on the Skylark Custom's it said "Custom" in the marker light lense. I have a 1968 GS California, which is even rarer than the 1969's. The '68 rear marker light has the Buick "Tri-Shield" emblem in it.