1973 Chevrolet Impala.

August 22, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! These cars were awesome! My Dad
bought one just after I graduated from
highschool. Ours was Gold in color
with a slightly different roof line. It ran
a 350 V-8 with a 3-speed stick w/OD.
Our car was one of a few thousand
built with a manual transmission. '73
was the last year you could order a
stickshift in a full-size Chevy car. It
got between 25-28 MPG on a trip we
made to Texas to see my sisters over
the Christmas holidays in '74. Not bad
for a large car. Dad just kicked in the
OD and we seemed to float down the
road. I'd say that it performed on or
close to the same level as my '50
Packard Limo that I used to carry the
members of my band to local gigs
within our state. Dad drove the car for
two years before trading it in on a new
Chevy LUV pickup truck. Don, this
should bring back memories for you too
as I used to see many of these cars in
movies and TV shows that were shot in
New York City. Thanks guys for all these great posts. They really make my

Richard said...

My first car.... A 73 Chevy Impala custom coupe. Mine was white with a black vinyl top. It was a sharp looking car I bought it in 1987. The problem was it needed a valve job. It always gave me a hard time. Hindsight if I knew these cars would have been big down south, states like GA,SC, & wherever else I would have been happily to have given it away. Instead I donated to my local fire dept in 1988. Nobody was interested in a 15 year old Chevrolet in 1988. I tried to sell it in the Want Ad Press ( at the time a well known NJ classified newspaper) .

Tony Piff said...

amazingly unremarkable in the most important, profound way.

thanks for snapping this.

AllAboutTheMusic said...

Always loved that C-pillar that was unique to Chevrolet's full sizer's of that era.

Justin said...

Agreed, that C-pillar makes the car's lines really stand out, along with those hubcaps.

Anonymous said...

1st year of the battering-ram front bumper, but still with the tasteful rear quarter windows on coupes. I prefer the '71-72 models , but this '73 is nice. 1974-76 models turned bombastic with opera windows, giant bumpers front & rear, and wide vinyl side moldings. Yuch.

Grumpy Cat said...

Ooo.... I want. This is a good looking car. I also nominate for best of.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the bumpers and quarter windows, the '73 had it all over the '74! Although the nice hardtop roofline was still available thru '75 in the "Impala Sport Coupe" model. Amazingly, this cost less than the one with the big ugly opera window.

Best thing about this particular car, though- the innocuous chrome emblem just about the front marker light: "4-5-4". She's a big block!

Jim said...

Had one of these in olive green with a black vinyl top. Huge, powerful, and comfortable. They REALLY don't make them like this any more.