1987 Ford EXP Sport Coupe.

August 16, 2014



Justin said...

Sweet Jesus...those turquoise and pink graphics, those Prime knock-off wheels, this is so late 80's-early 90's it's crazy. I nominate this as a Best Of.

captaingizmo54 said...

Uh oh!! Burn box alert!! The reason you don't see many of these on the road today is due in
large part to the poor build quality that plagued Ford in the mid '80's. The EXP and the Escort
both suffered from major electrical problems in their computer systems that caused them to
burst into flames without warning. I seem to recall that there were fatalities in a small number
of these flash fires that broke out under the hood, and spread throughout the car. Here in Florida, no one died in these rolling coffins but many of them were burnt out wrecks when I
would see them on rollbacks headed to the scrapyard.

Jay Wollenweber said...

I guess it says something about cost-cutting on your car when you have an '87 Escort and the system monitor diagram is a 1980 Pinto.

Mikael said...

Are those exposed Allen screws original? Wow.

a1veedubber said...

Goodness, that is sooo Eighties! I test drive an 86 EXP when I was looking for my fist car back in 91, but ended up passing. Never really was a Ford Guy. Those expose screws are OEM and that was fairly common in the 80's. (Yeah, I'm looking at you 82-85 S-10 and 82-92 Camaro):)

Anonymous said...

This post made my week. I spent my childhood riding around in the front seat of my mom's 87 EXP. Hers was white with the blue ground effects and the only option she had was an automatic transmission. She drove it for 13 years until it slid into a curb during a snow storm and broke the ball joint. It was so rusted out by then she just put a for sale ad in the paper and moved on. I really miss that car, and I'd love to have one now.

Wyowanderer said...

Neat car, but I was never a fan (heh) of the cooling system. The cylinder head was higher than the radiator, making for an interesting protocol to bleed the air out of the system. And if it lost any cooling, guess what part lost it first?
Good looking, though.

Tony Piff said...

epic opc. best-of candidate, especially with the details.

so much swagger.

so you had access to the interior. does the owner love this thing?

automatic or standard tranny?

Kenny Heggem said...

Mom had a white 86 or 87 EXP Sport Coupe in white over grey outside, beige inside. I liked it fine. They are a little silly. A Ford Escort GT performed the same, or better (maybe weighed less?) and was more practical with a back seat. She bought it used at a new car dealer Lot. Repossessed a year or so later. Another story.