1964 Dodge Dart.

August 29, 2014

1964 Dodge Dart
1964 Dodge Dart
1964 Dodge Dart


Ben Piff said...

Oxidized-awesome! My caffeinated brain is noticing the missing hood trim, can can any of you Mopar guys confirm whether that means it's a GT? Or did other trim levels also have hood trim?

Veggie said...

Awesome. My dad had a 64 convertible for the longest while that my grandpa(his father) bought new. It now lives with my uncle a few hours away.

Grumpy Cat said...

@Ben: Other trim levels had the hood trim.

captaingizmo54 said...

If I close my eyes, I can almost see my BIL's '64 Dart 2-door sedan. His was dark Green
with, I think, a Black interior. It also had a smokin' hot 273 HiPo with a factory 4-speed tranny
and a Dana 60 rear axle. It was a numbers-matching car that was assembled as some kind of
factory hot rod by Dodge and was sold in limited numbers and man was it a screamer! He
took it to the dragstrip where it ran through the traps in just over 13 seconds. Not bad for an
old lady's car! Sadly, he sold it to buy a 440-powered '69 Coronet 2-door HT. Seeing this
one brought all the memories back. Thanks guys! Great posts! I love this blog!

Spiff said...

Ben, this is the base "Dart 170" series. The GT came only as a two-door hardtop or convertible. The "two-door sedan" (with a center post and fully framed side glass) came in the base 170 and midline 270 trim levels, but not the GT.

The central "Dodge" emblem on the trunk was unique to the 170, as were the thin side spears, the lack of chrome on the side window frames, and the lack of stainless steel trim outlining the rear bumper.