1961 Mercedes-Benz 180 Sedan.

October 8, 2010



tony said...

i'm hoping that "tram" tag sees a lot more use.

the paint on this thing showed the most thorough and flawless patina i've ever seen.

Dave said...

Astonishingly gorgeous car. I sometimes have to browse your old posts just to marvel at the cars. You guys have to get a coffee table book together.

Unknown said...

You should've gotten some kind of award for that profile shot. The lighting was tricky, but it ended up so perfectly "west wing"

Ben Piff said...

Man, what were these photos taken with? I think I see this car almost daily, should go appreciate it up close.

Tony Piff said...

dude, i shot these pics with my casio pocket point-and-shoot just before i upgraded to a dslr. considering the challenging light, plus the fact that the lens was literally full of sand, i'm pretty dang pleased with how these photos came out.

i don't expect to get another chance at such a composition any time soon.

yeah, the car definitely warrants a revisit with clean glass, soft light, and more megapixels.