1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder.

October 10, 2010



Justin said...

Christ on a bike, what a beauty. Pure car porn.

tony said...

while the name "marauder" seems like a wholly inappropriate name for a car, the violence suggested by those right angle corners is truly disturbing to contemplate. and yet the profile shape is one of the sleekest, most dynamic i think i've ever seen.

beautiful sixties muscle.

how about the name "pillager"?

Justin said...

It has pretty agressive/evil looking styling, so I think it's a pretty fitting name.
I see that we're using older banners, such as the Morris Minor and now, the '72 412.

tony said...

yeah, i'm working with an I.T. dude at work and wanted to show him a variety of banners.

Anonymous said...

These things have a speedometer the size of a pie plate