1978 Toyota Corolla Coupe.

October 14, 2010



Justin said...

What a beaut. Now that's a car I'd be proud of if I were Japanese.

littlejason said...

What I like about this car is that it's NOT a deluxe.

Dan said...

What great light

tony said...

thanks, dan, i agree. this was my first day shooting the new dslr, (it's all been from a pocket point-n-shoot until this point), and i was so pleased to be able to adequately capture the beauty of this scene. that profile is a banner shot for sure.

Grayson said...

I got a 1975 toyota corolla deluxe. its 100% stock and I'm the second owner. But there is something about these models that i love. even more than the one i have.

btw i'll list it soon on craigslist.
just email me if your interested.:) dont mean to advertise~ Sorry!

I love this blog so much.