1965 Chevy SportVan.

October 3, 2010

Killin the streets with a Malibu 350 small block V8, turbo 350 tranny with shift kit, and a Trans Am rear end.


Ben Piff said...

This guy has been loving this van for over 40 years. He told me he especially loves the airplane landing lights (mounted on bumper), but they're outlawed in some states so he has to cover them a lot.

Pic #4 shows the alarm key to 1 of the 2 alarms he has installed. I also asked him about the rear wing, he said he added it to somehow keep rain out of the car. He was dropping so many details, I couldn't keep track of it all.

He kept saying the van was a nice sleeper, and I figured he meant that it can be slept in. But then he clarified that while it can be slept in, he built it to be a secret street killer.

Ben Piff said...

Oh come on, I know all about the sleepers! I just would never guess that someone would use that word to describe a van from the sixties :) But you do see plenty of camper conversions on this type of rig.

Justin said...

Yeah, you do see quite a bit of conversions. Same with the 60's A-100 and and Econoline.

tony said...

great writeup and great photos. one of the best posts of the year.

tony said...

after a little contemplation, i'm sure this is the best post of the year.

it's hilarious from every angle, but i sincerely love those panes of glass when viewed in profile.