1972 Ford LTD Brougham.

October 1, 2010



Justin said...

Yuck, look at that donut spare tire!

Ben Piff said...

2 things.
The owner came out and asked what I was doing, but was then perfectly happy to pop the hood and show me the super clean Windsor V8, and I asked him about the speaker behind the grill. He replied "Oh yeah it works, but its a piece." He said he agreed he thinks it's a pretty sweet car, but he was pissed when someone did a hit and run. And pointed to that tiny dent on the front of the fender (pic 1). I'm sure the other car didn't walk away from that encounter looking so good.

Did no one look closely at pic 3?

tony said...

jerret at work said, "what the heck is that behind the grill? is that a speaker?"

i figured it was the horn, sounds like i was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the father's car on the Wonder Years. Hahaa

Grumpy Cat said...

I love these things. Everyone else seems to hate them.