Revisited: 1976 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon.

October 22, 2010

As spotted here in April. Grateful for the chance to document and appreciate all the wonderful angles and lines.


Justin said...

<3 Colonnade Cutlasses.

Dan said...

I like the front end on these, but those saggy sidelines and goofy rear bumper don't do it for me

Ben Piff said...

One of the finest American wagon designs of the late 70s. High praise in my book.

The grill spilling up onto the hood is nuts! Looks like a photoshopped illusion, and the angle on that liftback is also nuts.

Flares spilling out onto the doors? Come on! 2 comments ain't enough.

Anonymous said...

we use to have one of these

DreadP said...

This is my car. I can't believe I found this. It's still being driven to work every day.