1974 Buick Apollo.

October 21, 2010



Gardner said...


Chevrolet Nova said...

The Chevrolet Nova was so much nicer...

Anonymous said...

ahem... that's one GORGEOUS car actually. I can say that because that is literally my car. Where did you take this picture?

Tony Piff said...

well, anon, in the interest of the owner's privacy, we usually avoid specifics. but since you asked, i shot this car when it was parked in the neighborhood just east of lloyd center. do you not recognize the location?

thanks for preserving it, and thanks for driving it. it's the only apollo i've seen since we started the blog in 2009.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i used to park in that neighborhood all the time when i'd walk to the max station to head downtown for work.

thanks so much for taking pics of it! i'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Why not polish the old car?
How many of these do you see out there?
Any Chevrolet Nova guy
would love to have this in his
collection, since it was sort of an upscale
Nova look alike.
Another thing about it. Didn't you notice the
chrome around the windows and below the car along
with the side moldings and added front and rear optional bumpers? Those were added options. The person that bought the car certainly didn't mind making it more glitzy. The least you could do is polish the thing occasionally, if you are parking it outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I took photos of this same cool old car! Here's the flickr link to the pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94210132@N08/9779416025

I've seen your site before and found this Buick Apollo from Google and then looked at the license plate and it's the same car! Pretty kool!! Nice to see the car is still running. It's missing one of the hubcaps though I noticed, lol!!

Stay cool and keep taking pics!!