1947 Packard Clipper Super Coupe.

February 6, 2011



Frank said...

I haven't really bothered to look at a car like this before. No matter what the condition of this is, I'm struck by how beautiful the C Pillar line is.

Here is a similar car in much better shape:


I discovered this website a couple of weeks ago and now come to it every day. I love the photos posted here. Thank you for all of your hard work in maintaining it!

Tony Piff said...

@justin: i knew i recognized it. here it is on ttac, with a very interesting story.

@frank: thanks for the supportive words. the blog has proven a very rewarding project. take care, and hope you continue enjoying it.

mikael said...

The Soviets thought this Packard was so great that they copied the design for their own ZIS 110.

Ben Piff said...

In researching the car I found the post on TTAC, and I posted a comment on there as I thought my experience shared some insight. The girlfriend of the owner was very nice, and it sounds like trim pieces have been stolen off the car. (Although I couldn't notice anything missing from the outside)

So they have a bad taste in their mouth for anyone who shows interest. But lucky for me she was genuine and was down to talk to me. I could tell she was glad the boyfriend wasn't there. She said that weird looking stuff is some kind of rust sealant.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

There was a '50 in the local free rag (no link). It looked to be in pretty nice shape for $5K. Here are my street finds for the week.


Tony Piff said...

that hood ornament is referred to as the "donut pusher," fyi.

first shot is some of the best sky and light ever captured on this blog.