1985 Chevrolet Citation II 5-door Hatchback.

February 17, 2011



Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the white SAAB 9000 CD from the 2nd photo?!? ]:->

A SAAB lover

Justin said...

Citation-rare as hell.
'Nuff said.

Tony Piff said...

well i work with the funny guy who owns that saab, and he complains about it constantly.

i think anon = kyle?

Dan said...

Some may call it boring but the lines are clean and appealing. It's not an import, it's not rwd, it's engine was nothing special, but it is rare and it could be had with a manual which makes it cooler than a lot of cars out there.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Citation II? Gimme a break. Hahaaa!!

As if Citation I, wasn't AWFUL enough. What's so special about Citation II??

These X cars, were the WORST cars GM ever made... there carburetors were GARBAGE, they rust like no other, and their resale value is EMBARASSING. Also, the damn Citations radio was mounted SIDEWAYS.

It seems like as soon as 1980 hit, and the X cars debuted, it seemed like GM started switching to FWD. And we all know FWD SUCKS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The last anonymous MORON is wrong on every account except the radio...where he's only half-wrong. CitationIIs had a redesigned instrument panel which accommodated the delco ETR stereos which ain't "sideways" :)

From '82 on, the "AWFUL" 4-cylinder X-cars were fuel-injected and the Citation IIs offered the MultiPort 2.8 engine which far from "SUCKS".

And having a low resale value is "embarrassing"? Huh?!

Let's see...GM built RWD G-body cars through '88, F-body cars through 2001, B/C body cars through the mid 90's, and hmm, the Corvette, C & S series trucks...uhhh, yep, still RWD! G-van...last time I checked even them new ones had driveshafts & rear differentials!

"FWD sucks" - the only smart thing this clown did was post anonymously.