1958 Metropolitan.

February 19, 2011



Ben Piff said...

Just found out that AMC dropped the Nash and Hudson names in late 1957, after which these were marketed under the Metropolitan name.

This thing was practically stopping traffic, a lady walked up next to me while I was shooting and said "Wow, nice mini. Yep, look at that M, it's a mini alright." I did give her a humble correction as to what it was. She was so jazzed, "Yeah! My sister had one of these, in pink!".

Saskplanner said...

My now-deceased boyfriend had one. He drove it from Washington DC to Mexico and back which I considered a version of suicide. Had TERRIBLE taste in cars, flipped this for a Corvair in 1964, then an AMC Gremlin in 71 and then a 1977 Eldorado. Of course, they're all rarities now.

Tony Piff said...

2 pearl district shots, back-to-back? feel like i haven't spotted anything interesting there in months!

one of these sold at auction for a ridiculous amount of money in the past five years, hugely inflating the value, and leading to every surviving car getting restored to a ridiculous degree, in the hopes of finding someone else willing to pay that much. i'd love to see one in original, oxidized paint.

cute and tiny in a distinctly un-sporty way. i imagine the engine actually makes a sound like the words "putt-putt-putt."

Ben Piff said...

You can't imagine how much more exciting it was to find this, most difficult car research yet. Every one of these I've seen has been badgeless apart from the M on the grill. Talk about the opposite end of the spectrum, invisible part of the landscape.