1981 Fiat X1/9 Targa.

February 22, 2011



Jeff said...

From what I've read, these can be pretty decent cars to own, and can be picked up for a fair price.

matthew said...

I owned one in high school back in the day.

Very adept urban go-karts almost able to defy the laws of physics......... Underpowered they are and probably with good reason given the handling.............just don't ever try to take a road trip beyond the next town in one..............unless you're a contortionist in training.

Ben Piff said...

When I walked up to shoot this, the owner was chillin at an espresso stand (that also advertised featured clam chowder) just off to the left.

She walked down and said, "Well do you know what it is?" and I said "Well yeah" and she responded "it's the poor man's Ferrari" (with a smirk and chuckle). She then asked if I wanted her to flip the lights down for the photos. "No way!"

Tony Piff said...

another car that was invisible to me before starting this blog. the first one you posted blew my mind, and now i realize that they're not all that rare. crazy styling. i like the ones that have no fiat badging at all, just bertone.

bumpers are huge, but a least there's metal on them. the round flip-up headlights actually look cool, and the added detail that they're not stuck open is very helpful.

wish fiat had a better reputation. "maintenance, repair, & sales" not a confidence-booster.

great light in these photos.

Tony Piff said...

nice factory rims as well.

and some home-roasted clam chowder would not be bad on a wintry day like this.

Justin said...

OOH! I see a Rabbit in the second shot. Gold with black decals, sweet! Love those rims.