1989 Toyota MasterAce Surf Grand Saloon.

February 11, 2011



matthew said...

The ultimate JDM hippie space wagon with skylights. An incredible find.........show me a for sale sign and I'd be dreaming.

Tony Piff said...

oh my gosh by golly.

obvious head-to-head matchup is the mitsu delica star wagon, another hilarious find.

kooky japanese labels aside, this would seem like an uber-desirable configuration that would have done well in the states.

too bad the blacked-out windows negate the function and appeal of having extra windows.

i suppose the very faint "DIE" beneath the 4WD badge is an abbreviation for "DIESEL"? it's a diesel?

Justin said...

This thing would be epic with a bed in the back. Uber-rare JDM shaggin' wagon.

Justin said...

*I meant to say "Uber-rare JDM shaggin' wagon, anyone?"
I love how quirky this is, i'm already predicting a best of 2011.

Dan said...

Hmmm, JDM vista cruiser? Seriously though, Japan really made [makes] some killer vans just like 'merica used to make some killer wagons.

I'm just waiting for those days to come full circle in cars like the new Sienna and CTS-V wagon.

Oh and that bumper mirror is rope-a-dope.

Siddarth said...

Now that is something you don't see everyday