Piff Family Volvo #4: Ben's 1983 Volvo 244 GLT Turbo.

February 18, 2011

Ben stopped by on lunch today, and I took the opportunity to shoot his new rig. Parking spot previously occupied by Brendan's '79 Peugeot and my '92 240 (shown in the third shot).


Anonymous said...

This is one of the few cars if not the only car I like in white too. Very handsome Merc wagon in the background as well.

Tony Piff said...

turbo AND a 5-speed. love the powdercoated turbo rims as well.

@joey: i like the merc wagon, too, and wouldn't mind driving one, but it has major body damage from a wreck that's never going to be fixed. we have kind of an informal/unenforced policy of no m-b's newer than 1970, but here's a td wagon for ya in a pretty ridiculous factory pea-soup green.

Dan said...

Sinister Swede.

Ben Piff said...

Unfortunately these turbos primarily came with automatics or 4spd manuals with electronic OD. But the mustang 5 speed and a dodge 5 speed both bolt up really nicely and can handle a lot more power than stock.