1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan.

June 2, 2013



Turbo said...

Very refreshing to see this in a single, relatively sober color. So many people turn American cars of this era into triple-hued, wedding cake-inspired poodle skirt nightmares.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of badges!

I've probably mentioned this before, but that mid-century split level is *the* perfect backdrop for this car.

Tony Piff said...

i, too, love that split.

i think they're pretty un-fashionable (split-level homes), but i have fond memories of childhood years spent in one, and now i kind of want one.

great finned find, ben.

Dave said...

I agree with all of you. I could see myself looking at this same scene in 1970 in Oak Valley. On my side of the country, this is a rare sight.