1973 Volvo 142.

June 12, 2013



Anonymous said...

Love it! I have the exact opposite here in Connecticut. Green Volvo, Orange house with white and green trim.

Anonymous said...

It's a '73, with the small-ish DOT bumpers and vented front windows; and I was just pining today for this exact car; in either orange or yellow.

Tony Piff said...

thanks for the tip, anon. i made the edit.

is there any color more fitting for a volvo than safety orange? wow, no, absolute pinnacle of brickdom. the 142 really is the ultimate incarnation of the Brick form. small bumpers would push this over the top.

looking rather neglected, but the stance is low enough, which makes me think the owner knows what's up. i'm loving how the grime on the stock silver steelies creates the illusion of trim rings.

and that achingly charming shotgun shack in portland pea green, probably just intended to last 50 years, now rendered priceless by the forces of NoPo real estate. check the row of mammoth craftsman bungalows bedecked in solar panels. surprised there aren't three prius hybrids visible in the background.

and of course there's a college alumni sticker in the window (although i'm a little surprised it's from a state school and not some "small liberal arts college").

i've never owned one of these, but i think it's just a matter of time before i do, at least for a while.

cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

looks like a sleeper. Sleeper car, sleeper house.
Is there some sort of west coast aesthetic that's eluding me? the grimy neglect of automotive hygine that somehow translates to intelectual prowess? Or does there come a point where it's just not worth it to wash the car. (which i can realete to}

Anonymous said...

Tony, to your comment that the stance is low enough that you "think the owner knows what's going on..." initially I wasn't so sure. Wasn't sure what you meant, then wasn't sure what the owner would think is going on.

Now I think the heavy mold on this car does represent a very conscious choice, a very deliberate intention. I don't know if the car is a sleeper (if you mean by that that the car has been modified to achieve some level of higher than expected performance) but I do think there's a lot of intention about this car, in a hipster vein. An alternative hypothesis, that the owner is simply too busy, too harried, to ever get around to washing this car is plausible. It implies a potential level of squalor, though, that makes me uncomfortable. So I'd rather go with the story that the car is owned by a hipster or at least someone who has deliberately pursued this look.

sexyhammer said...

i would own this. i would drive this from one side of the country to the other and try to stop everywhere in between, sleeping in the reclined front seat.

cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

Aha, the Clark Kent syndrome, portland style.
Very nice job.

Anonymous said...

It is quite a fun ride... especially sideways in third gear ;)