1988 Land Rover 110 CSW.

June 9, 2013



Anonymous said...

best of '13 nod here

Anonymous said...

what hummers and jeeps dream about becoming.

nice pick-up on the graphics.

Anonymous said...

Fancy, but I wish there was more on the 2-door Range Rover in the background!

Tony Piff said...

so legit. although it does make me want a hummer.

"county" graphics set this find apart from the rest of the rovers, not to mention the puddle drops, which deserve an academy award.

Justin said...

Those graphics are insanely 80s, love them.

Anonymous said...

Be careful if you buy anything from the owner of this rover. Here is the sales listing for this rover http://www.defendersource.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41769

Inside the comments on the page,the owner gets outted by a rover moderator for some severe fraud with Porsche part and car sales that were reported on Pelican Parts. Here is that link