1972 Ford Maverick Grabber.

June 30, 2013

1972 Ford Maverick Grabber.
1972 Ford Maverick Grabber.
1972 Ford Maverick Grabber hood.
1972 Ford Maverick Grabber.


Jim said...

Outstanding find.

Dave said...

Boss. Really boss.

Ben Piff said...

I've had photos of this thing on my computer for years that I've never been happy with, yours are way better. What a relief!

Tony Piff said...

yeah, i was surprised when i found it, 'cause i know you're always in that neighborhood and have canvassed it thoroughly. then i made sure to check the previously posted mavericks, just in case.

love the flat, oxidized orange paint, free of any pesky clearcoat. a pleasure to photograph.

(...dang, how did i miss checking out that civic wagon in the background? i always check for 5-sp, AWD, and mileage, and they're always over 250k...)

great white tiburon said...

I love those hood scoops, they are so subtle and yet give it a little attitude.
mini muscle at it's best.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Maverick Grabbers. This is is nice because it has the smaller bumpers. The big clunky safety bumpers weren't mandatory on Mavericks until 1973.

Excellent color combo as well.

IsuzuGeek said...

This is probably my favorite Ford ever (US Ford anyhow). It is almost identical in appearance to the Aussie XB Falcon of the same time period. That rear angled glass, the front end with round lights, so very, very close to being a perfect American Mad Max Interceptor. Love it.

Justin said...

Needs slotmags. Hell, what car from the 70's DOESN'T need slotmags?