Sunday 1 a.m. Bonus: 1976 Honda Civic 1200 Hatchback and an Uncut 1981 Mercury Zephyr Z7.

June 24, 2013

As we were driving back today from our weekend Seattle visit with Mom & Markus, the rain started pouring so hard that I didn't feel safe on the freeway. I pulled off and took the opportunity for a scenic detour through historic downtown Chehalis. My wife thought I blew it with Saturday's Best Worst Fairmont Durango, so this seemed like the perfect chance to illustrate to her how that car started life. But the downpour was so torrential that I could barely manage these shots, even from the shelter of our trusty station wagon. One angle is all you get.

(This was not the first time I've gotten very wet documenting a Zephyr or Fairmont, btw.)

1981 Mercury Zephyr Z7 Jeremiah 9-11 Properties
1976 Honda Civic CVCC hatchback


Spiff said...

Wow, it's as if you found Evel Knievel's lost Zephyr Z-7!

The Civic is a 1200, not a CVCC, by the way... the shorter hood and front fender flare arches that continue down into the valence give it away. Love that it's fearlessly up to its 12" wheels in rainwater.

Tony Piff said...

thanksamill for the tip, spiff. i made the edit.

Anonymous said...

What does uncut refer to relative to to the z7?
I am familiar with the term on 1st gen Broncos and VW buses - is it the same? Seems the wheel wells are already cut from factory.

Tony Piff said...

it's a reference to saturday's post, anon.

thanks for asking.

SeattleO said...

I thought the tires were just flat on the Civic. That's some insane rain.

Mikael said...

It looks as though the coupe was created using the pickup as the basis, and not the other way around, lol.

Justin said...

Love the Civic up to it's tires in rain water, awesome shot.