1982 AMC Concord DL wagon.

June 23, 2013

1982 AMC Concord DL wagon.
1982 AMC Concord DL wagon.
1982 AMC Concord DL wagon.


Unknown said...

The mother of quatros

Anonymous said...

Looking nice for sucha rare car.

adam.giguere said...

Been a while since I've seen an AMC from the 80s

Anonymous said...

Now this car shouts 'malaise' era quite clearly.

What could they have been thinking?

Spiff said...

@Jacob, the Concord D/L was essentially a facelifted Hornet, still with rear-wheel drive.

The 4WD Eagle that was based on this platform/body was indeed a quattro before its time!

Justin said...

Those hubcaps and woodgrain....malaise era in a nutshell.

captaingizmo54 said...

My wife and I owned one in the early '90's. All the youngsters I worked wondered if it
was a 4X4.

Bryan said...

These economical wagons were not bad looking and offered plenty of utility. They started life as the AMC Sportabout in the early seventies; they later evolved into the Concord, and then finally ended as the 4WD Eagle.

These were certainly better looking than contemporary Ford Fairmont, Dodge Aspen, or Chevy Malibu wagons.