1990 Mitsubishi Minicab.

August 9, 2014



dead_elvis said...

Sweet custom dash! Heh.

I wonder how this was registered in Washington.

captaingizmo54 said...

Wow! What a cool little truck! I gotta get one of these for Mom to drive around town here in
Winter Haven. What a unique grocery getter that would be! All that style and 50 MPG to boot!
Wonder how many newspapers I could've gotten into it. Best of all, you can get parts for them
at NAPA too! Last time I saw one was at Disney World in Orlando Fl. in the Summer of '95.
Someone told me that they had also seen one on a government auction website, but I haven't
had time to look it up. Great find! Thanks guys!

Tony Piff said...

oh, my darling brother. what a wonderful find.

Anonymous said...

I think I have seen this car on Whibey island