One Awesome Carport: 1981 Isuzu I-Mark diesel.

February 27, 2011



Big Dave said...

So hard to find around these days. You're right about it being an awesome carport!

Tony Piff said...

double trim strips won't be enough to keep this car on the road, but probably useful in a parking situation like this.

textbook example of non-flush headlights, which i don't consider worthy of its own tag, but will always comment on.

nicely shot, benny, especially considering the challenging light.

Justin said...

Imagine the MPG this devil gets if it's got a manual? the paintjob,the meshies and the 5 SPEED badge.

Ben Piff said...

I also love the disintegrating "Free Weezy" sticker.

Casey said...

i bought her from a nice fellow in madison, wi. flew out, drove back.

you guys are correct about the wvo. she has a single-tank elsbett conversion and i have ran her on nothing but .5 micron filtered wvo for the last year and a half. the pup is also in the process of being converted, but i have little time, so it is slow going.

fuel economy is excellent, but not what it should be. i am looking in to it.

again, thanks for the kind words. i built this carport a few years ago so that my old parked cars could rest in style!


PS i have no idea what double trim strips are, but rest assured this car will be on the road daily for years and years to come.

Anonymous said...

Is that a green Subaru microvan, next to the Isuzu? Talk about loving old, rare J-tin. Truly an AWESOME carport. lol

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'd drive it! I love the big domestic land yachts of this era too, even the compact American cars (owned quite a few), but I just love small Japanese and European diesels cars and pickups with manual transmissions, of which we have virtually none of here! Every once in a while you come across a 1980s survivor, but aside from Volkswagens, and full size, automatic domestic pickups, you just don't come across diesels.

I particularly love the old oddball cars, so an early 80s Isuzu iMark diesel 5 speed would be right up my ally! People just didn't appreciate these cars for what they were, they were different than what they were used to, so few seem to have survived.

Anonymous said...

Show me a car that can do this nowadays!!

Anonymous said...

We had these in Australia as the Holden Gemini diesel,awesome little cars!! I have seen a couple articles where the owners have done over a million kms,sure dont build em nowadays like they used to!!