1979 Peugeot 504 Diesel Sedan and Brendan.

December 18, 2010



Tony Piff said...

so wierd, never see something ever, then spot one and you see a bunch. well, two 504 sedans is not a bunch, but within the span of less than 3 weeks? heh.

i spotted brendan dropping his kids at the school across the street from our place and flagged him down. he was happy to co-appreciate his car. it's the second 504 he's owned.

this is really how the light looked this morning. it felt like a painting just driving to work, smiling about the peugeot i'd just shot, when i started tailgating the 323 gtx.

later, i learned that my best friend is not, in fact, getting deported.

it was a good morning. and then we ate pizza for lunch.

Brendan said...

Sweet. My car is FAMOUS! Thanks for taking some great pictures of it, our camera is dead. Though, it is a 79 not 77. I've had a 405dl and 505 Turbo SW8 as well, this 504 is by far my favorite. I would love to put the intercooled turbo motor from the 505 and a 5 speed in, but I think keeping this one in it's original condition would be good.

The blue one you had on before, does it run?


Ben Piff said...

Man, this is one of the all time great posts! Brendan, the other 504 does run and it's a pretty gorgeous piece. You can find it by clicking the 504 or Peugot tag at the bottom of your car's post.

That diesel badge has one of the best fonts I've ever seen on an emblem, pretty funny that's something I can appreciate so much about classic cars. My favorite angle is the front, specifically the cozy glow from those parking lights and indicators.

The tough bumpers and rack really make it look ready for just about anything, big props. To the owner and the photographer, perfect.

Justin said...

Brendan, man you are lucky. In New England, these things are LONG gone.

Michael Orr said...

Wow, what an awesome car! Interestingly similar in appearance to Saab 900s of the same era, minus the hatchback of course.

Michael Orr said...
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Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious..the 504 was one of the most produced cars Peugeot sold world wide 3.5 million and only recently did production cease. It spun off the 604/505 and the Kia versions made under licence. A 504 with BA 5 speed and a turbo diesel rear end is the way too go. In the Bay Area they are still around and up here where i live a few 79s are driven daily up here..and if they were washed according to the owners manual..no rot will grow on them. I cruise up here in N. CA. with a 505 Liberte wagon wth a diesel pumpkin..its a lugger...but people are amazed at the interior volume and purposeful yet restrained nature of the beast...it gets 32 on the highway and lugs about 2000rpms at 70. Very few cars ride as well(more so with a banjo axle)..and the dynamic stiffness of the body shell...puts BMWs and my S-class to shame. Go ahead and put your pinky in the doorframe over a pothole...i wud not try that in some other rigs.

PKAUS said...

Hey everyone, great to see such a nice 504!

I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying a 1979 Diesel, and am wondering if anyone could give a bit of advice... Are they high maintenance? A nightmare if the previous owner hasn't maintained it well? Reliable at all? The body looks to be in good nick, but any pointers on how to know if it is OK mechanically would help. I figure starting her cold and the obvious of it not blowing a lot of smoke, but am pretty new to the Peugeot world. Great cars - appreciate your advice / comments etc in advance. Cheers, Peter.