1953 Ford F-600.

May 5, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

You don't see many of these nowadays.
That's because they were worked to
death. Matter of fact, last time I saw
one was in a salvage yard back in
Illinois. Wonder how the owner could
afford to drive it.

CarOli said...

Had to google Big Johns...it's a vehicle customizing shop. I was wondering how he delivered meat in an open truck...never seen that in a first world country.


captaingizmo54 said...

Don't know about that, but this rig would make someone a great advertising piece or
maybe an awesome car hauler.

prawojazdyftw said...

@CarOli - coulda been used for hauling "customers" inbound-only to the slaughterhouse...

Justin said...

Great shots of the rusty grill+text on the side of the bed.

Tony Piff said...

flatbed butcher truck?

props to big john's for evoking some pretty disturbing questions.

i wish there was reason in my life to drive any flatbed ever, much less one forty feet long and twenty feet wide.