1980 Pontiac Sunbird.

May 25, 2014

1980 Pontiac Sunbird Fastback.
1980 Pontiac Sunbird Fastback.
1980 Pontiac Sunbird badge
1980 Pontiac Sunbird Fastback.


Tony Piff said...

now that is a sunbird.

Anonymous said...

The sun inside the S is epic.

captaingizmo54 said...

That emblem was probably the best thing on the whole car. If the corrosion problems didn't
kill 'em, the mechanical problems did. That cable clutch control was a very bad idea. Pair
that with the terrible engines that came from the engine plant, and you had a recipe for disaster.
An old friend of mine who worked at the engine plant told me that if they had four good units
leave the plant, that was a good day. And the switch to an electric fuel pump didn't help
much either. By the time Oldsmobile rolled out the Ferenza that same year, word already
got out about the quality problems with the Sunbird. My BIL bought a new Ferenza, and
he got saddled with more than his share of problems that I've outlined here. Not six months
after he bought it, he traded the Olds in for an '81 Toronado deisel. After buying two GM
lemons, he switched to Ford, and never looked back. It's a wonder how GM. made it through
the early '80's without folding.

hp kid said...

In high school my buddy and I cruised all over the place in his mom's brown 1979 Sunbird.

Justin said...

Good luck finding a replacement hubcap.

Richard said...

Nice find !

Anonymous said...

Such a neat car, I want it so bad!

Ben Piff said...

This thing is so dang sick. Can't wait to find one now.

Unknown said...

I had one, I bought new in 1980 and was told it had the same 4cyl engine as the Chevy Citation. I put 300k miles on it, but not sure of the correct miles. I drove it for three years with the speedo cable off, so no miles were recorded during those three years. I went through a lot of tires, one set of brakes and one clutch. That was the extent of my failures on the car. I kept it about eleven years and sold it. I still regret that sale every day!! Mine was yellow, but not a lemon!!