1977 Saab 99.

May 27, 2014



Tony Piff said...

fantastic find, although i confess i like the "chemeketa 90-91" sticker even more than the car. stabbed me in the heart a little.

Kees said...

That profile is so funky, but in a sweet way nevertheless. Love the wheels too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, very, very cool. Wonderful shots, wonderful car. I'm gonna have to google "chemeketa". I wonder where the heck that is?

Aren't these cars worth a lot of money now?

Frank said...

Love it! It's great it has a trailer hitch on it also. These are getting rarer to find on the road. I passed a late 80's 900S coupe the other night and even those are getting harder to find on the road. I owned a 88 9000 and a 99 9-3 and both cars were really fun to drive. To maintain a Saab though, not so much fun. If you do own a Saab in Portland, take it to T-Scandia Motors in Tigard....They are the Volvo and Saab masters!

Justin said...

That is one seriously awesome profile shot. Color-coded house and car.

J+ said...

Chemeketa is the local Valley community college. Also the original Native American name for Salem.

I have a 1979, thought these corners/tails were 1978-1980, but the soccer ball wheels fit an older model (tho I have also seen them on a 1978 EMS.

Good to see another 99 on N.OR roads!

captaingizmo54 said...

Right you are, Frank. These things are getting rarer by the day. Here in Florida, I've
seen dealers sell them for next to nothing. I recently saw an '04 model on a buy here-pay here lot for just $25.00 a week! It had just 52K miles showing. Also, many of these
were destroyed as part of the Cash For Clunkers program in 2008-09. I saw a piece
on local TV where a half dozen of them were driven to the crusher in Tampa Bay. A
friend of mine who has one recently put it in storage. He just can't find anyone to
service it. While I like the 9.5 ragtop, I'd be afraid to drive it for fear of breaking