1959 Chevrolet Bel Air.

May 5, 2014



Calvin said...

Unreal. I don't think I've ever seen a '59 Impala that wasn't either at a car show or heading to one.

Tony Piff said...

unreal that this is not even ben's first one.

the black steelies and thin-stripe whitewalls seem totally intentional--making me think the owner knows exactly how cool that patina is.

Anonymous said...

i spy a cool 60's chev lowered wagon in the last shot.... any pics?

captaingizmo54 said...

Now that's what I call a beater! This guy knows how to enjoy an old car--just keep the mech-
anicals in top shape and drive it! If restos are awesome, then beaters are neater!

Justin said...

Beaters are neater, true that.

Donkey Hoaty said...

Gotta agree with the Cap'N- beaters/drivers are beautiful (Well...maybe not this one- I personally have always thought that these were THE ugliest cars ever made...) -But old cars are great when they are driven and enjoyed. When they're on a trailer or in a garage, and made into an idol or an automotive shrine to Detroit, they become disgusting wastes of money and metal.(Especially when they have paint that is nicer than the paint that the car had when brand new!)

captaingizmo54 said...

They were ugly alright, I was embarressed for my parents when they owned one of these. Theirs was a Brookwood wagon with a 235 6-banger hooked to a 3-speed
tranny with overdrive. But now that I'm older, I want one! Bet this 'un's packin'a 283
and a Powerglide. My uncle had a '60 Impala ragtop that was very sharp--until he
got a little too drunk and sideswiped our house. Again, much laughter here!

captaingizmo54 said...

My '60 El Camino looked somewhat like this, condition wise at least. It packed a 348
V-8 with the factory 3-carb manifold complete the bat wing air cleaner. It also had a
factory 4-speed tranny. Other than normal maintainance, I replaced the front floors
and the bed floor too so that the truck could pass inspection. I then proceeded to
flog it by hauling musical equipment all over the state of Illinois. Wound up trading it
even up for a '62 Buick LeSabre ragtop. Oh, the stupid things we do as teenagers!

Anonymous said...

Look at the hood! There's no "V" under the script. This one has a "stovebolt" 6 cylinder engine. I knew somebody that had a '59 Chevy Biscayne sedan delivery. His car also had a six. There was enough room under the hood to put a second engine. They don't build cars like that anymore. Nowadays they strangle the power by putting in all of this 'smog plumbing'!

Fredrik said...

Lovely find. The lowered, tired look really suits it.