1987 Volkswagen Transporter Syncro.

May 29, 2014



Tony Piff said...

what a babe magnet.

i don't know what's going on with that roof, except that i want it in my life.

Tony Piff said...

and how refreshing to see one of these on stock steel wheels. wonderful!

captaingizmo54 said...

Wow! I recall seeing the van version here in Florida, but not the pick-up truck. Sure
wish I had one of these when I used to run a newspaper motor route. What shocked
me most was that I saw the van right here in Winter Haven. You just don't see that
kind of vehicle here.

J+ said...

Diesel? Wow!
If the US 25-year rule is still in effect, these are freshly legal to import. These were never sold stateside.
As a multiple ex-Vanagon owner I can attest that these sell for $25K. I once sold an aircooled for $24. Thankfully the parts were worth much more.

elvis_muerto said...

@J+ - You're right about both the lack of US market official sales & the 25-year rule, but there's been at least one of these plated in Washington State that I've seen in Seattle for the last 10+ years. I'd assume either a bit of VIN-plate hijinks, bureaucratic befuddlement ("VW bustruck? eh, must be a hack job by one o' them countercultural types.") or a combination of the two. There were a fair number sold in Canada; most I've seen did wear provincial plates.

Anonymous said...

elvis and j, the doka was imported to north america almost exclusively for a mining company in canada, a tristar doka crew cab like this is painfully rare like under 35 rolling around north america