1964 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser F-85 Station Wagons.

May 30, 2014



captaingizmo54 said...

OMG! This is just the wagon I want!
My parents owned a Buick version of
this car when I was in Jr. Highschool.
Ours was Beige with a Brown interior.
It had a 340 V-8 with an auto tranny.
We owned it 'til my Sophomore year
in Highschool, and I've been hunting
one ever since. I see a Gold wagon
there with a tarp. Wonder if the owner
Will sell them as a pair? I'd keep the
first wagon original, while the Gold one
would be slightly modified. Great find
guys! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"hello wisconsin!!!!"

Donkey Hoaty said...

Now THAT is a wagon! Makes me sad that they no longer make great cars like that. My sister had a '72 Vista Cruiser- I think she paid $200 for it in the very early 80's.......man, that was some car! You could spend $100K on a car today, and never get anywhere near the experience you'd get with one of these VC's! (Shoot! Half the trucks/SUVs out there couldn't do what these wagons could do!)

captaingizmo54 said...

Right you are, Don! This could be one of my future art projects! They were simply styled
and soundly built to boot. BTW, the '56 Ford wagon is coming along nicely. It'll make a great
fantasy OPC. All I'll need is a Washington State or Oregon plate to make it fit into this site. I
see the Gold car sitting on a set of nice rims 'n' tires outside with a dark Red or Maroon
interior inside. Power would come from a 350 Rocket V-8 mated to a T-400 auto tranny. And
of course, those must have disc brakes up font. Don, if you want to see more of these wagons,
visit www.wagonsofsteel.com. Happy hunting!

Justin said...

This guy has a nice Olds collection. My favorite of the bunch is the gold one with the Olds Rallye wheels on it.