1973 Jeep J4000 Custom Cab.

May 28, 2014

1973 Jeep J4000 Custom Cab pickup.
1973 Jeep J4000 Custom Cab pickup.
1973 Jeep J4000 Custom Cab pickup.


captaingizmo54 said...

OMG! What a beast! This thing is
what a Tonka truck wanted to be when
it grew up! Aside from the Dodge
power wagon, the Jeep J-10 was the
only 4WD truck that could litterally take
you anywhere. I used to see quite a
few of these here in Florida. They
were usually lifted 5" with 33 inch
Monster Mudders. And like the Power
Wagon, nothing said "brute" like a Jeep

Donkey Hoaty said...

I agree, Cap'n! The only thing that ruined these trucks for me, was the cab, from the windows, up/thin cheesy A-pillar/weird roof. Kinda spoils the look. And they sure beat the cheesy down-sized next generation Jeep pick'em-ups that came after them. I can't remember the last time I saw one of these trucks....and I don't think there are many left- rust in the rest of the country must've got 'em all.

captaingizmo54 said...

You're right Don, the cab does look like an afterthought. That was because Jeep spent most
all the money developing the Wagoneer. When the designers got 'round to the pickup, all they
could do was slice the back half of the roof off a Wagoneer. These first appeared in 1961, and
were produced until '85 or '86. These are indeed rare, as rust, over-use, and overzealous red-
necks got most of them. As for Tonka trucks, these came out about the same time as the real
thing did. As a tribute to this truck, Tonka made these toys until the early '90's. Should've
bought one of the smaller pick-ups when I had the chance. Oh well, you snooze, you lose!

Richard said...

I always admired JEEP pickups.
The smaller Jeep pickup was the Comanche 1986-92..
The big Jeep pickup was made up until 1988

captaingizmo54 said...

My FIL had an '86 Comanche. I recall that little truck never missed a beat. He offered it to me
in '91. unfortunately, my wife put the kibosh on that deal. Richard, if you ever get a chance
to marry, don't do it! Just think of the classic car you might lose someday!

Donkey Hoaty said...

LOL, Cap'n! (re: Scavenged parts from Wagoneers)- Sounds like the typical AMC modus-operandi!

Vincente Dearmore said...

The J-truck actually came out before the Wagoneer and the "brow" on the cab was never seen in either the SJ Wagoneer or Cherokee. Believe it or not, they did put some actual thought into the design of the cab.