1986 Dodge Charger.

May 20, 2014

1984 Dodge Charger.
1984 Dodge Charger.
Bossier Chrysler Bryan Texas badge
1984 Dodge Charger.


Anonymous said...

The third brake light gives it away as a 1986-87 model.

Spiff said...

Yup. '86 or '87... and without any decals on the car, from the photos it could just as easily be a Plymouth Turismo. Can't find any info on what that dealer was selling in the 80s.

Tony, did it have any Dodge badging on the interior? It shows how little effort Mother Mopar was putting into Plymouth by then... not even a slightly different grille or taillight texture.

Tony Piff said...

thanks, guys. i edited the post title. i didn't document the interior, so i don't know. i thought it might be a turismo, but those seem a little rarer, so i guessed that it was more likely a charger.

Frank said...

There's something oddly satisfying about this car. I like the wheel arches, I like the simplicity of the steel wheels, the black trim accents and the strangeness of that rear panel that rises to the hatch but at the same time draws my eye to the rear roof line, that kind of subtly wanders off into the air. Yes, I see beauty in different places, so thank you for this forgotten, forlorn design!

Veggie said...

Ha! My daily driver is an 83 civic bought by my grandmother at a dealership in Bryan. Still have the dealer sticker.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. I totaled a car just like this when I was 17.

captaingizmo54 said...

I gotta hand it to Chrysler Corp. during the Iacoca era. They did so much with so little. They
brought us the K-car, the minivan, and cars like this racy little coupe. My favorite is the Dodge
Rampage trucklet that appeared also on this platform. There was something about it that made
it one unique grocery getter. That little 2.2 litre four cylinder was both frugal and peppy too. I
also like the black clad Omni GLH turbo 4-door sedan. My wife and I took a test drive in this
car when it appeared in 1984. The tester was a turbo model with a souped up 2.2 litre four
cylinder engine. My wife let the clutch out, mashed the gas, and that thing took off like a
rocket! I can still hear that turbo screaming as she diced through the gears. I think it topped
out at somewhere near 115 MPH. It was cars like that which brought Chrysler back from the
dead. Man! I want an Omni GLH!

Richard said...

I like 024/TC3's better. The reason is is that little back window that they had. I think 1984 was the first year they used this body style on the cars.

captaingizmo54 said...

I recall seeing these in'78 or '79. Those small rear windows may have looked great,
but posed a real hazard to shorter drivers. Aside from that, they were indeed very
sharp looking cars.

Anonymous said...

Now there's something you don't see every day...

Unknown said...

I'm sorry guys....but these cars are absolute shit...I don't know what's worse...one of these Chargers or the so called "new" era crappy Chargers...'68-'70 ONLY for me