1967 Saab Monte Carlo.

June 22, 2011



Ben Piff said...

My friend Bill (who daily drives this) bought this for one of his $500-500 mile rallies, and when I asked if I'd like it he said "No, you don't want this".

I'd have a hard time passing up any stylish car of this era for that price. Stopped by his shop recently, and this car is gone and has already been replaced by the next cheap adventure project.

I need to push to be his co-driver one of these days.

Tony Thayer said...

I was wondering where it had gone. It was sad seeing that poor little Saab just mouldering away outside that shop every day.

Jon4Than said...

It's so cute! I think I saw a TV show (Chasing Classic Cars, a rich guy buys cars, fixes 2 or 3 cracks in the paint, then resells them; for some reason it's exciting to him) with a car just like this in it, A barn find. How do the rear doors work? :/

Stigge said...

It must be a 1968. Why? The higher windscreen (+7cm). In -67 it was much lower. And the mirror was mounted on top of the dash. Also the rear window became higher in -68 (+11cm)