1972 Citroen DS.

June 14, 2011



Anonymous said...

I love that you can still find these things on the streets - I can't imagine what the first owner of this car might buy today if he was looking for something as unconventional as a DS.

toby Keller said...

Very interesting: Moroccan license plates on this beauty.
toby, a fan of this site from switerland (and a former exchange high school student in oregon)

Tony Piff said...

what the heck, where did you find this? paint looks too good for that to be its permanent parking spot.

in one of the bigger coincidences of the year, ben and i together witnessed another white ds parked outside a neighborhood sandwich shop three days after posting this. my in-laws were visiting, and we were eating at a picnic table outside, lingering for a long time, but finally had to leave. i'll post those pics some day.

i really want to meet and talk with someone who would use one of these as a daily driver.

@toby: thanks. glad you're enjoying the blog :)

Ben Piff said...

I found this as soon as I decided to drive through Sellwood, instead of taking McLaughlin back from the Healys. Heck of a confirmation that I made the right choice. Haven't cruised that neighborhood for a long time.

The gold trim on this was really sharp, and the interior was spectacular condition velour. I was tempted to knock on the door and see if I could get some interior shots, but decided to use the fading daylight to explore.