1981 Datsun 510.

June 13, 2011



Anonymous said...

Beautiful old Datsun - do you think that the owner is keeping it by choice, or if it's just a matter of being budgeted into preserving a low-cost transportation device? The slot mags could either be super cool junkyard finds, or they could've just been the cheapest rims available.

erik said...

That is the freshest 5 door hatch I've ever seen.

Ben Piff said...

Those slot mags are way too clean to be a junkyard find, and I'd guess that this car has been in the family for years and got passed down to a younger driver.

At least I hope that's what happened, so it's being enjoyed and teaching a new generation about the beauty of RWD and Japanese durability.

Also, perhaps by an optical illusion with that missing piece of trim, I looked at these pictures for months without realizing this had 5 doors. So I agree, definitely the mark of a great design.

Wouldn't be one bit embarrassed to drive this.

Anonymous said...

I had this same car in black!! It was my first car, I bought a 1981 used in 1988. Everyone loved it, thought it was "cool". Go figure