China Bonus: 1990 Toyota Crown Super Saloon.

June 18, 2011



Tony Piff said...

"shotclub" for the win. i wonder if toyotas have the same reputation for durability in china?

Ben Piff said...

I don't think cars have been widely available and affordable long enough for people in China to get picky.

All the cars get driven so hard, I think they all seem pretty tired faster than you'd believe possible.

One example, no one slows down for speed bumps. When I asked my brother if that meant that the suspension repair industry was thriving, he said "Definitely not, I'm sure everyone's suspension is totally ruined." Sure enough, the last taxi I took had the most tired rear suspension I've ever experienced. You would not have believed it.

The most popular cars seemed to be the ones that were made in China, like VWs and other cheap Chinese micro cars. None of which survived long enough for me to get a shot of one that seemed old, methinks.