1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45.

June 21, 2011



Ben Piff said...

Oh dang, were you not able to get a profile of this? And what the heck is that intake thing? Seems too low to be a snorkel. How'd you guess this is an 82, I thought they were discontinued after just a few years of production?

The only thing that could make me more happy about this is a ladder attached to that wonderful system of bars. Don't these hold 12 people?

How great is that curved piece of glass on the corners?

Tony Piff said...

who knows what i was thinking a year ago, but googling "1982 troopie" brings up plenty of examples.

no, as i recall i walked away from this one and spaced the profile angle :(

Dave said...

Good job Tony. I don't want you feel like no one appreciates your good work. Ben that is the air cleaner- on the outside like a diesel big-rig truck. These could ford relatively deep streams but no way go underwater. This one seems more safari-ready save for the wheels.

Tony Piff said...

lolz at my poor withered self-esteem. i was half-kidding, but I was also half-serious. no but seriously I wasn't serious at all.