China Trip Bonus: 1998 FAW-Hongqi CA7220AE aka 1991 Audi 100.

June 12, 2011



Ben Piff said...

The dingiest, creepiest alley I braved this trip. As I photographed the back angle, I could hear peasants muttering through the disintegrating wall behind me, as well as that blue van in the background.

Definitely the kind of alley that makes you psyched to be wearing flip flops and have a baby on your back. You can also see 2 might-be-strippers walking by in my other back profile shot, but this side showed off the dust better.

Anonymous said...

So is this really an Audi, or is cheap Chinese copy of an Audi? Like those X5 and other cars they have over there that look just like BMW's and Mercedes but they are just copys. Tin Rolex's if you will.

Ben Piff said...

Well, it's an authorized Chinese copy. FAW Group (The Chinese Gov't) has joint ventures with Toyota, Audi, GM, VW and Mazda.

I think the BMW, lexus, etc. knockoffs are just that.

I can't imagine people in the US tolerating rusty/bubbling wheel wells on a 2001 VW Jetta (our regular cab driver's car in China).

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks for replying.

I love this site. I think its awesome that there is so much focus on cars from the 80's, it seems the 80's cars are forgotten these days.