Asscar's Lair: 1972 Chevrolet Kingswood.

June 14, 2011

Asscar seen previously, and not to be forgotten any time soon.


matthew said...

There is some real genius in this dude's madness. Extremo the Clown should be jealous. I know that Art Cars are not exclusive to Ptown but we do have a particularly wonderful genre of them.

Mikael said...

Maybe he does it just to piss off his conservative neighbours. Is that a ´67 "Supernatural" Impala that I see in the last picture?

Pelle said...

So thats who stole the insane clown posse´s tour veichels :-)

erik said...

I like the Tercel myself. Subtle compared to the others.

Tony Piff said...

i had no idea!

the asscar is a regular at the music store across the street from work, and i've photographed the kingswood there, too. now i know that it's the same regular customer!

i agree with erik that the tercel has something understated going for it. i never posted my photos of the kingswood because it just seemed like it was trying to hard.

one detail that i really did like, however, was the hood. it reads, "King of the Road, King of the Jews." i'll add my documentation when my computer is back from the shop, hopefully with hard drive intact.