Somewhat Similar: 1965 Ford Country Sedan Wagon.

June 21, 2014

1965 Ford Country Sedan Wagon.
1965 Ford Country Sedan Wagon.
1965 Ford Country Sedan Wagon.


captaingizmo54 said...

I had one of these! It was powered by
a 240 CID straight six with a 3-speed
column shift. Used it to carry band
equipment when we played locally.
It was a former fleet car used by the
state education department. (Illinois
State University) the only option it had
was a heater. My first wife and I put in
a radio with antenna. Other than that, the car was T-totally original. We drove
it about a year before I traded it for a
'68 Plymouth Satellite 2-door HT. The
man I traded it to used it as a parts
chaser until Justin's tinworms ate the
frame to the point he had to scrap it.
Sure is great to see one again! Wish I
had it now!

Richard said...

Another vehicle reminding me of what one could see during the late 1970s in NY/NJ. Add a little rust to the quarter panels and I would believe I stepped back in time.

Ben Piff said...

I'd call that paint condition and patina is spot on. Plenty of stories to tell without making you said. The straightness of those vast sides is inspirational. From the side, I really like it. Nice roof color on that angle too!